The secrets of others

PostSecret is a classic blog where people anonymously send in post cards carrying secrets. Sometimes the secrets are funny, and sometimes they are so dark.

I am completly fascinated by this site. Without a doubt, a lot of people would think that the blog’s readers enjoy spying on people or care a bit too much about things they have no business with. But to me there is little difference between the feelings that site produces and (good) fiction. A glimpse into someones life. A portal into other peoples dreams and fears. The fragments of humans that often remain invisible even between friends.

It might also remind you of secrets of your own. Secrets you thought you had forgotten.

Eternal Sunshine

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Clinging on to the last memory of his love, knowing that it will soon be gone forever. This scene says alot about loss, and the importance of living the moments that we sooner or later lose.

Clementine: This is it, Joel. It’s going to be gone soon.
Joel: I know.
Clementine: What do we do?
Joel: Enjoy it.

She’s coming here

I really have very little to say, but I say it in many words. From now on, I will say it in english. I’m sure I’ll change my mind and switch back to bork-bork-bork soon enough, though.

Lena is coming here in a few days. However, this time she won’t stay just for a few days – she’ll be with me for 6 weeks. I’ve been looking forward to it, and I think it will be a great time. Sanity will remain intact, I think, even though the apartment is as small as a freezer (and a freezer is what it lacks).

Work is going pretty well. I’ve just started writing a couple of smaller quests, and it is cool to do something else besides the ultra-complex-scripted-holy-shit-I-have-no-clue-what-
kind-of-monstrosity-I-have-created-quests for a while. Even though I really love working with them as well.