The park is now open

The blog has been offline for a while. I forgot to renew it, and when it went offline I wasn’t in a hurry to fix it. But now it’s back up, and I’m happy it is.

I’ve already updated the photo blog – I walked around downtown when Obama was here, and took some pictures of the people and the demonstrations. I think the people of Oslo’s message can be summarized in “earn it”, as stated in the picture above.

Yes. Earn it. You have a long way to go to earn that prize, Obama, with two wars on your hands. On a related note, I was thoroughly unimpressed with your performance at the climate conference in Copenhagen. China and the US were apparently the main reasons why the conference’s end result was a very lame document, with hardly any new binding goals.

Earn it. Take some of your brilliant speeches and transform them into action. Earn the trust you have recieved from the western civilization.