Longing for the sea


I want to get back out on the ocean. I want the wind to whip the water into a frenzy. Rain against my face. Forward. Onward. Away.

Full throttle through the crashing waves. The promise of the horizon. Then continue. Make all land disappear.

Forward. Onward. Away.

Being gods

Video games reveal that just as human beings seem to have a desire to believe in god, we also carry a desire to be god. Like a jealous and furious old testament deity, we crave the power to destroy our enemies and reshape mankind according to our fickle will.

Get ready! Get psyched!

Get psyched!

We’ve finally revealed the release date – Wolfenstein: The New Order is out May 20 in the US and May 23 in Europe. I’m thrilled that you’re all going to get the chance to step into our world in just a few months! Check out the fantastic new trailer, and… Get ready! Get psyched!