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We had a conversation at work today about “developer commentary” videos, and I thought back to the one I did for Wolfenstein: The New Order. I realized I never posted it here on my blog. Well, here it is!

So, if you want to hear me talk about why we built one of the coolest levels of the game the way we did, check it out.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood launches

Today we gears and pistons at Machinegames launched our latest title, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, on digital platforms. A prequel to The New Order, it’s a shorter game than its big brother with about 6-8 hours of play costing only about 20 euros. How about that for value? We chose to do this instead of making DLC, and I liken it to the rich expansions of the 90’s. It’s what I would have wanted as a gamer, and something I hope to see more of in the future from the games I play and love.

The tone is a bit different from The New Order. We jumped back from 1960 to 1946, and rather than the Tarantinoesque retro-scifi vibe we went for a B movie atmosphere. If our previous game was a tribute to Wolfenstein 3D, then this one echoes Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Yeah, when we said we’re big fans of the Wolfenstein series we weren’t kidding.

I think The Old Blood has turned out to be a mighty fine game.

Watch the launch trailer below, and know that I am one of the voices in the Drunken Nazi Choir heard in the beginning. We drank before (and during) the recording to make sure it sounds authentic! That we like beer might also have something to do with it.

Have you had the chance to play it yet? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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