A great autumn

I guess this is autumn. More and more leaves are fading, it’s getting colder and the nights are no longer bright (Scandinavian summer nights are fantastic). Normally I hate autumn, but I cant help liking this one. It’s not because of the summer’s death (yes, dramatic language – that’s how much I normally hate autumns), but because of the work I’m doing.

To begin with I’m writing system design for an exciting new (undisclosed) game at a cool new startup studio. In addition to this I’m lecturing about game design at a university, to students on their third year towards a bachelor of “experience production and interactive media”. Both jobs are a lot of fun. They’re intellectually stimulating, and both focusing on a topic I’m passionate about – game design.

I love doing design work in general, but it’s even better when it’s for a game I’d love to play myself. The title I’m working on now excites me both as a designer and as a player.

Now, I must admit I really had no idea how creative the job of a teacher was. Not only do I define the topics, but each topic has to be researched and then expressed in an engaging manner. Great fun!


  1. Nice to hear that you enjoy being our teacher. You are doing a great job so far ^^

  2. Great to hear that you enjoy it! I have really enjoyed the classes so far :)

  3. pixelpark

    Thanks guys! =)

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