Playing Skyrim

The move to Sweden was an ordeal. It should have been fairly easy – Norway is a neighbouring country, and I am Swedish after all (although with 50% Finnish sisu). But the completely insane housing market in Sweden (good luck trying to find an apartment without renting one from someone already renting it or paying a bribe of half a year’s salary), and the fact that we were defrauded gave us more than one headache.

Yes – defrauded. We we’re royally screwed on an apartment by a sociopath. It’s long story that I might tell another time, but for now I’ll just conclude that the parasite is doing time.

Anyway. Games.

The ordeal meant that most of our stuff waited for us in a warehouse, in the twilight zone between the previous apartment and the next one, and we had to wait until early December until we got it back. That translates to a lot of time without my PC or my Xbox 360. My already intimidating games backlog continued to grow and grow.

But it’s been well over a month since my hardware returned, so the backlog should surely have been reduced by now. Right?

Well, Skyrim happened. It’s not like I don’t want to finish Deux Ex: Human Revolution, it’s not like I don’t want to try out Battlefield 3, but…

I was never that impressed by Oblivion. And Skyrim is not a perfect game. But by god was it a long time since a game captured my imagination like this. When I’ve played it, I keep thinking about it even when I should be sound asleep. I think about the things I might want to try, and potential scenarios that might unfold the next time I enter its captivating world.

The game lives in the mind, and it was years since that happened to me. I remember having games stay with me during downtime when I was a kid, but these days it’s very rare… and I treasure whenever it happens.


  1. You know, ever time I was playing Skyrim, I thought of how much you would enjoy or appreciate certain things in this game. I’m thrilled you’ve been playing it! :-D

    It completely consumed Thundera and me while we were playing it–and not playing it (thinking about playing it while out of the game, deep asleep and dreaming about being in the game world). THAT is the sign of a really compelling game. I haven’t been drawn in to a game like this in a long time, and I really needed to feel that again. It was a very welcome and very enjoyable, satisfying experience.

    And I trust that we are going to see some utterly stunning and amazing things coming from the mod community for this game over time–I suspect it may very well exceed our expectations and outright blow our minds. I am so looking forward to this! :-)

  2. pixelpark

    Very glad to hear from you, Nepentheia. Also glad to hear you and Thundey playing and enjoying Skyrim. It seems like you have a relationship to the game similar to mine.

    Regarding mods; yeah, looking forward to see what people do with it. I actually feel compelled to get the tools myself and have a go at some smaller project.

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