Through the noise

Here’s another batch of interesting links that got through the noise of the tubes and wires.

The “Raiders” Story Conference
The blog The Mystery Man on Film gives us the highlights from a transcript of a creative meeting on the story of the first Indiana Jones movie. The participants are executive producer George Lucas, director Steven Spielberg and the script writer Lawrence Kasdan. It should be an interesting and fascinating read for anyone who works with story, inside or outside the film industry.

Color Theory for Cinematographers
This one is about color theory in film, but just like the last link it applies to games as well. It explains some basics about color theory, and shows how effects can be achieved by breaking traditions.

Battleship Island – Japan’s rotting metropolis
A fascinating journey to an abandoned and decaying japanese city island, which was once the most densely populated place on earth.

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  1. interesting links!! thanks!

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