Knee-deep in the dead


No, not the third one. Or the fourth, currently in development. I’m talking about the original. Doom 1.  One of very few games that completly changed the gaming industy.

I bought it a couple of weeks ago. For the Xbox 360. Am I crazy? Well yes, but that’s beside the point.

It’s true that I’m better at playing FPS games on the PC . You cannot compare the gamepad to a mouse when it comes to aiming. The user interface of a game should be invisible, but playing an FPS with a gamepad sometimes makes me feel like I’m struggling to do what I do with the PC-setup. Of course.

Ok, let’s get back on track.

Is Doom violent? Hell yes. But that’s beside the point (to some degree, at least). The reason I’m playing Doom in the year 2009 is the purity of the gameplay.

Lately I’ve been playing ARMA 2 – an advanced soldier simulator, emulating an enormous island torn by continous, dynamic battles. A game whose developers probably considered shipping an extra keyboard with the game at some point, just so that they had another 104 keys to bind commands to. I really like the game, but it’s more complicated than it needs to be. Playing Doom after ARMA 2 is a lesson about simplicity.

You don’t have intricate puzzles. The story is barely there. There is no cover mechanic. There are no grenades to throw. You have no vehicles to drive. You can’t even crouch!

You aim, and you kill. The absence of features (including the inability to look up and down) is what makes this a great FPS to be played with a gamepad.

Doom, 16 years after its release, is still a lot of fun! The game’s purity has allowed it to age well. It has proven to be a timeless classic.

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