Through the noise

Here are the latest sounds I’ve identified through the noise of the tubes.

  • John August, a successful Hollywood screenwriter, writes about his craft in an interesting and entertaining way. To an industry outsider like me, it’s fascinating to get some real insight into how that business works.
  • Josh Friedman, executive producer of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Cronicles, writes in a personal and funny way about surviving the cancellation of your show.
  • Another entry about movie making, and now we’re talking about a real classic. The legends about the production of the movie Apocalypse Now is legion, and here we are given an inside look how the chaos and insanity of the movie colored the shooting of it. Or was it the other way around?
  • Trond-Ivar Hansen, a collegue of mine, wrote a report from the conference The Philosophy of Computer Games 2009, which we both attended. It’s in norwegian though, so check it out if you know the language (or have a dictionary and more patience than wits)

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