First experience with Rock Band

A week or so ago, I saw someone play the Rock Band drums at work (yeah, we have a copy from the states). I was looking forward to the drumming part, so I was quite disappointed when the drum sounds from the game drowned in the clunky noise produced from the drums themselves. Everytime a drum was hit, the plastics went “glick”. “Glick glick glickglickglick”.

I had the chance to play it myself today, and what can I say? Everything is forgiven, Rock Band. I want you! I’ve not had so much fun with a game in a long time. It feels close to playing real drums, and nailing a tricky part is so rewarding. I felt like I was part of the rhytm more than what I’ve experienced playing Guitar Hero.

One minor negative point is that the game doesn’t provide enough audio feedback if I’m failing or succeeding. Drums are normally less distintive and clear compared to guitars in rock music, and it hurts the game slightly. But who cares when it’s such a joy to play?

Ok, the “glick” is still annoying.

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  1. well, i guess a positive aspect compared to real drums is that you can turn the sound off? at least you won’t disturb the neighbours so much =)

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