The beauty of Mirror’s Edge

I should probably not let myself get carried away, I know. But if Mirror’s Edge is anything like this teaser, I think they’ll succeed in creating a very special experience and emotion.

Watching the gameplay gives a sense of flow. The pace is quick but not frantic. The woman’s body interacts and reacts to the environment in a way that seems to establish a very physical presence. She’s not a rigid camera; she runs, jumps, climbs, tumbles. And through all of this, you can see her body.

I guess it’s been done in 3rd person, but doing it in 1st person – a feat that must be far more difficult – seems to be much more immersive in this case as in so many others.

Then look at the art direction. It seems obvious that they’ve chosen to color code where to go, what to interact with, to keep the pace and flow high. That could have looked rather unappealing and odd, but they’ve chosen to be consistent and use clear, simple colors to paint the entire world. Through that, they’ve created a unique, beautiful and emotional cityscape.

Obviously, the music adds a lot to the trailer. Hopefully, the game will have a similar, “aery” soundtrack.

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  1. It is quite something, isn’t it? I can’t help watching it again every so often, and I smile every damn time. Here’s hoping they pull it off.

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