Change is afoot

We’re already well into the second month of the year when I’m writing this, but I still want to spend a few sentences on the notion of changing years. New year’s eve has always been important to me personally, because it’s filled to the brim with an idea of transformation. The idea that everything in your life has the potential to change, and the moment when the past year lies down to die is experienced as the moment when new doors open and old ones are left behind. It means new hope. Refueled dreams.

It is naive, of course, but how can we argue with hope?

New year’s eve no longer carries the importance to me that it once did – perhaps I’m older and more cynical, or perhaps there are fewer aspects of life I want to see changed – but this year will mean a lot of change for me nonetheless. In one way it already has. My girlfriend Lena finished her studies right before Christmas last year, and moved in with me here in Oslo on the 13th of January. I have a better life living with her.

In other ways… Well, I’ll keep you posted.

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