About Andreas Öjerfors

Instead of Letters is the home of me – game designer Andreas Öjerfors (sometimes spelled Andreas Ojerfors). I tend to write about games, music, literature and movies – things I love and find important to me. Hopefully you will find some of them interesting to you too. If you do, don’t be afraid to leave a comment.

I’ve been in the gaming industry since 2003. Most of that time has been spent as a game designer. I tend to do AAA titles, and the last published project was Wolfenstein: The New Order. I remain with the incredibly talented crew of Machinegames in Uppsala, Sweden.

I started out as an Editor-in-Chief of a Scandinavian gaming magazine, and I still love to write. I’ve also been a lector for game design students, and lectured at GDC Europe. Among other things.

For me, games are about much more than just “fun”. They are about the exploration of worlds, narratives, themes and mechanics – and I aspire to contribute to titles that combine and advance all four.

Visit my LinkedIn profile for personal details and resumé. Follow me on twitter. Feel free to send me an e-mail at andreas.ojerfors[at]gmail.com. Thanks for reading!


  1. You should make/use a facebook page as well.

  2. Hei Andreas :)

    Jeg har veldig mye lyst til å få sende gaver til deg og dine venner i svenske MachineGames :)
    Det er en begrenset samle-utgave av en finsk storfilm som kom ut for 5 år siden :)
    Både Wolfenstein The New Order & Wolfenstein The Old Blood var fantastiske men dessverre altfor kort etter en diehard-Wolfenstein fan’ sin smak :) hehe :) Skulle ha vært enda mer lengre med 32 kapitler i The New Order og 24 kapitler i The Old Blood :) Gavene ifra meg til dere er en slags kaerleks erklæring at jeg digger Skandinavia’s svar på Id Software :)

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