A most terrible secret

The last few days have been long and dark, despite this being the week of summer solstice. They have been dark, because I carry a terrible secret. A gut-wrenching, heart-tearing, soul-shattering secret that few know, but one that I am about to reveal.

I never played Deus Ex.

I never played Deus Ex – often hailed as the best game ever made – and three days ago it had its ten year anniversary. What kind of designer, nay, what kind of gamer am I to have never played this king of games?

Vague memories tell me I tried the first level without being impressed, only to quit after a short session. While I’ve read tons about it since then, and its (apparently) underwhelming sequel, it’s all second hand information to me. So, after ten years (and plenty of grey hairs), I think that I just might appreciate its complexity and political content more. This is why I have decided to play the game over the coming weeks, and tell you about my experience in a series of posts.

Now all I hope for is that the very dated visuals won’t be that off-putting, or I might just find it too difficult to immerse myself into Spector’s world.