Through the noise

I’m starting a new section called “Through the noise” which I’ll try to post every week or so. Its basically a collection of news and links that doesn’t warrant their own post. Stuff that interests me on some level and are worth sharing with the game dev community.

  • In “It’s Ok to Grow Up“, MobHunter compares how he moved on from Sesame Street when he grew older, to how people grow out of World of Warcraft. Don’t blame the game because you’ve moved on.
  • Groping the Elephant, in the post “Redundant?“, talks about wheter to avoid the redundant choices in games to improve clarity of those with consequence, or to keep them to define character.
  • Double Buffered has some thoughts on a discussion between some industry people Valve’s cabal system was measured against the auteur model.
  • A free, indie, point-and-click adventure game called The Vaccum is out, and I can really recommend it. Very old school in graphics and sound, but it actually works for it rather than against it. The game has some interesting design choices that I might write about in a future post.

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