New Max Payne trailer

Ok, I’m hyped. Max Payne the movie might actually be really good. The latest trailer shows a great looking, atmospheric movie that seems to capture some of the experience of the games. Let’s keep our hopes up that this won’t end up as most other game-to-movie conversions.

Yes, I’m a Max Payne fan. The 2 games are among the very best when it comes to story and storytelling.

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  1. I’d put money on it being the best video game movie ever.

    Of course, that’s like winning the special olympics.

    Silent Hill looked like it had a chance of being a decent movie, but then fucked it up with a completely asinine script. A pulpy noir story shouldn’t be too far away from what standard hollywood suits are capable of understanding, and the The Shield creator Shawn Ryan wrote some of this at some stage, so I’m mildly hopeful.

    I might even see it at the cinema, which would be a first.

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