Three movies – Tre Filmer

Mats Skärstrand på Tre Filmer

Here’s a great idea for a movie website. Ask interesting, influential, creative or just plain crazy people to write about the three movies that have affected their lives the most. Let each person write with passion, nostalgia, joy or detachment – however they want, in the light and in the mood of their choosing.

Keep publishing text after text, until you’ve composed a library of perspectives on movies you know and love, movies you’ve never heard of but must see, and movies hated by critics and audiences yet adored and treasured by the writer.

What you get is the site Tre Filmer. Yes, it is in Swedish – a wonderful language you must master if you are ever to become anything in life, kiddo – and edited by my fiancée Lena Ostermann.

Hi Sweden. It’s been a while

Since a bit over a month and a half, I’m back in Sweden. Kind of. I’m writing this from my flat in Oslo.

Me and Lena had thought about moving to Sweden for some time, and one of the reasons I decided to take the plunge now was the opportunity to join Machinegames. A fairly new studio in central Uppsala, founded by industry veterans. Two stylish floors of very talented and experienced artists, designers, engineers and other crazies. To get the chance to work with what I see as one of the best teams in the games industry makes me very pleased. I can do good work here.

Uppsala. It means “oops” in german, but it’s no mistake. This time I trusted my intuition.

I spend many of my weekends in Oslo. My girlfriend and most of my things are still in the old apartment, and will remain there until late October (Lena is currently busy as one of the coordinators of the Film fra Sør movie festival). Then, when the festival is over and we have the keys, we will move into our own place in downtown Uppsala. But for now this is the state of things, so I tend to fly a lot to Oslo.

It feels like coming home. Because it is. Kind of. How confusing.

I’m currently sharing a flat with someone in Uppsala. It’s easy on the wallet until me and Lena live together again, and I haven’t had to worry about a bed, cutlery and all that. Still. I used to say that I never wanted to live in any kind of collective, and I still stand by that statement. It’s just not for me.

But it will do until October. Then I have a proper home again.